Monday, July 09, 2012

Kitchen Planning - Top Tips

Don't Design a kitchen just for cooking

A kitchen is more than a cooking space; it is the hub of the home. Emphasise the social aspect of the kitchen room by building a kitchen island, or a breakfast bar. This will make your kitchen a sociable place to be.

 Don't Ignoring practical logistics

Cabinets, fridges, dressers and cupboards all need space for doors to open. Badly-planned kitchens mean you have to close two doors before you can open another. Plan for these practical considerations and make sure there is easy access to all your cupboards and appliances.

Keep enough space between units and tables.
There should be a good metre between kitchen units and kitchen furniture. Likewise, leave space between your kitchen island and counter. Oval or circular tables save space, as does a fold-down table from the wall.

Use the  “work triangle”
It is easy to overlook practicality when planning your kitchen decor. The kitchen should provide easy access to three essential kitchen appliances - the refrigerator, the oven and the sink.

Work with the shape of your kitchen

Don’t ignore the shape of the kitchen room. For smaller kitchens, use a single-line or two-way galley layout. An L-shape will leave one corner of your kitchen free for dining, while kitchen islands suit those with ample space.

Lighting - don't leave it till last
Kitchen lighting is often left until last, resulting in lights either too bright to be relaxing, or too soft for cooking. You should consider more than one type of kitchen lighting, such as overhead, illuminated shelves or under cabinet lights.

:Plug sockets  - get plenty

When planning your dream kitchen, cater for the amount of kitchen appliances it will house. Televisions, blenders and chargers all need access to electricity. Avoid unsightly cables and consider hidden floor sockets for televisions and kitchen islands.

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